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The parapet


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Hunter on wings


August 21st, 2005

(no subject)

Hunter on wings

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

Created by naw5689 and taken 33659 times on Bzoink

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:well, pearl jam , of course!
Are you male or female:Of the girl
Describe yourself:untitled- (yield)
How do some people feel about you:state of love and trust
How do you feel about yourself:i'm open
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:not for you
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:throw your arms around me
Describe where you want to be:thumbing my way
Describe what you want to be:hard to imagine
Describe how you live:rockin in the free world
Describe how you love:gremmie out of control
Share a few words of wisdomno matter how cold the winter there's a spring time ahead

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November 10th, 2004

At this very minute- I have 30 years of wisdom

July 24th, 2003

a love note

yeah? well FU
I seem to have an admirer.
This is what they have to say….
(Typos, misspellings and basic poor grammar intact. I edited nothing)

We find your prose on live journal anal, banal, & purely asinine in nature. Your ramblings are immature, especially when you TRY to have a mature subject matter in your daily listings. We could not have found anymore humor than to go to your site to read the insane ramblings of a truly disturbed person. You need help. We thought we would push you over the edge by creating this e-mail address for you to spout off to. Do you consider yourself some kind of expert on any of the matters that you so violently muse about? The best thing for you to do would be to kill yourself because you are using up some good person's air. You don't deserve to be alive and were probably supposed to be aborted until a last minute cry from some sort of mis-directed judgement alowed you to come into creation, only to be a lazy (only guessing, but we can see the signs), hypocritical blob that can only stand behind your (supposed) website & spit incongruities to the world while fee ling superior to the average being. You really need to get a real life, get off your ass, and do something about all of the things you are supposedly active towards.
You're a dumb shit,

ie..and what the hell is kiapa supposed to be ?

If you’d care to read anything further you will need to be one of
the better citizens

July 6th, 2002

my fantasy

duke- what!?
..a girl can dream!

SWF seeks good looking, rugged, but soft, out-doorsy, and environmental kind of guy. Slightly Fem looking a huge plus!
Must be caring and interesting, well read, intelligent, with proper grammar and sense of humor. Ability to teach me new tricks and learn ones of your own a plus.
Additional pluses include deep, loving eyes and warm embrace, a good dancer willing to teach a clumsy but rhythmic chic new grooves.
Must love beer and be able to throw (or retrieve) darts and appreciate live-local bands.
Must not love beer so much as to spew, or spill it on my carpet
Must also be a good kisser and excellent communicator.
Should have a serious wanderlust and be emphatic about travel and adventure, cultures and new experiences.
Must not have offspring and have no desire to sire any.
*(Applicants with, or having an appointment for, a Vasectomy will get extra consideration.)
All applicants must be passionate about smiling and being joyous and also must have the skill to stop making me laugh if I warn that I am going to pee!

If you fit so far please consider that you must also be:
Compassionate and respectful of life (yeah even cows)
Passionate and affectionate
Have a oneness with nature (*or at least understand your own personal zen*)
and be
realistic and silly

Nobody made any men like this.
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